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Policy Briefing

11 Oct 2016

Policy briefing: Trade in HE services and research - negotiating Brexit

UK universities have forged extremely successful and beneficial relationships with the European Union (EU). In terms of research funding. Additionally, the trading relationships established through the UK’s membership of the European Union mean that the UK has been able to export education without any tariff barriers to a market of over 500 million people. The primary target of these exports  are EU students who study at UK universities.

This policy briefing reviews information published by Universities UK and data collected by the Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA) to analyse the value of the UK’s EU educational export market to the UK economy. It also identifies the impact of this trading relationship in each devolved administration of the UK and in each English region.

Policy Briefing

08 Sep 2016

Policy briefing: Is science and research funding in higher education meeting the challenges of the 21st century?

Political parties throughout the UK have long agreed that research and innovation are key drivers of economic growth and smart innovation. Universities are at the heart of delivering this agenda, showing particular strength in the quality and impact of their research.

As the new analysis in this briefing illustrates, concentration of research funding in a small number of universities in England is an issue not just nationally but also regionally. Across the country, three institutions receive 25% of the funding, and in most regions in England the modern universities that make up around 50% of the sector receive less than 10% of the quality-related research funding for that region.

Case study

22 Jul 2016

Middlesex helping to deliver £1.8million to boost police cadet numbers

Middlesex University, in partnership with the National Volunteer Police Cadets (NVPC), have set out their plan to deliver a £1.8million grant to expand the number of volunteer police cadets.

Case study

10 May 2016

Going green - Bath Spa University

Case study

09 May 2016

On the beat - University of Cumbria

Parliamentary Briefing

04 May 2016

The future of NHS bursaries and staff recruitment


23 Nov 2015

Creative Futures - Ten steps to support the creative economy

This report highlights the success of the creative industries in supporting the wider creative economy and examines the role of higher education and, in particular, modern universities in underpinning this success.

Parliamentary Briefing

21 Oct 2015

Science and the Spending Review 2015

Policy Briefing

24 Sep 2015

Spending Review 2015: Universities and productivity

This policy briefing concentrates on the million+ submission to the Treasury’s Spending Review. Spending Review 2015: Universities and productivity sets out a series of specific measures to ensure that universities, employers, small businesses and individuals can respond to the government’s productivity agenda.

Case study

22 Sep 2015

The GEM Project - Southampton Solent University

Led by Southampton Solent University’s China Centre (Maritime), the Gender, Empowerment and Multicultural Crews (GEM) project is examining the working conditions, attitudes and cultural behaviours on-board the worlds’ ships

Parliamentary Briefing

24 Jul 2015

Post-study work routes for international students

The Scottish Government has established a Cross Party Group to examine the case for a separate post-study work system in Scotland and the Migration Advisory Committee has published a call for evidence on minimum salary threshold for Tier 2.


11 Mar 2015

A Manifesto for Health Education

This manifesto sets out a road-map and the steps which the next government must take to secure the education and training of the health and social care workforce of the future. The government must commit to a significant increase in investment in education and professional development to improve patient care, deliver innovation and the integration of services.


10 Mar 2015

A Manifesto for Teacher Education

A Manifesto for Teacher Education sets out the key principles that all parties and governments should consider to ensure our schools and colleges continue to recruit qualified teachers who are experts in teaching and learning as well as subject specialisms. This manifesto also calls for the next government to put universities at the heart of the teacher education system and sets out a new plan to secure future teacher supply in England.

Parliamentary Briefing

05 Jan 2015

Higher Education Funding – House of Commons debate

This briefing considers the impact of some of the most recent reforms to higher education funding, including the changes to the tuition fee regime in 2012 and the concentration of research funding in a smaller number of universities. It also notes concerns about the RAB charge of the current system, and what this might mean for the long term sustainability of higher education funding.

Parliamentary Briefing

18 Dec 2014

Understanding the Research Excellence Framework


11 Sep 2014

The Innovation Challenge: A new approach to research funding

The report investigates UK investment in science and innovation and reviews the history and impact of university research funding.  Successive governments in the UK have lauded the role of research in creating economic growth. Investment in innovation is valued to the extent that the science and research budget has been ring-fenced in cash terms since 2010 when most other areas of government spending have been significantly reduced or removed. However, investment in research and development (R&D) by the UK is low compared to its OECD competitors.


27 Mar 2014

Smarter Regions Smarter Britain: Boosting regional growth through universities

The report highlights the sharp variations in regional growth and calls on the government to adopt a new manifesto to boost the role of universities in the regions. The report provides a new assessment of the economic value of graduates who study and then work in the same region and outlines how a new stream of funding for translational research and measures to boost demand for highly skilled jobs and university-business collaboration would help drive growth in the regions.

Parliamentary Briefing

29 Jan 2014

Deregulating teacher qualifications

England stands alone in deregulating teacher qualifications. In addition to the abolition of the requirement that teachers should have an academic and professional teaching qualification there has also been unprecedented deregulation of routes into initial teacher training in England.

Large image of million+ roundtable report Who should train the teachers?


24 Jun 2013

Who should train the teachers?

In March 2013, the university think-tank million+ convened a roundtable in the House of Commons to discuss the impact of the Department for Education’s School Direct programme on teacher education in England. The roundtable attracted over 30 participants including MPs, members of the House of Lords, Headteachers, representatives from Teach First and university education departments and this report reflects the discussions and outlines next steps.

Parliamentary Briefing

06 Jun 2013

Student visa policy and migration numbers


31 May 2013


23 May 2013

Do the alternatives add up?

New report Do the alternatives add up?, part of the joint million+ and London Economics Behind the Headlines series, explores the the costs and benefits of two alternative proposals for funding higher education in England.


18 Feb 2013

Are the changes to higher education funding in England cost-effective?

'Are the changes to higher education funding in England cost-effective?' presents new modelling of the higher education funding regime in England adopted from 2012. It is undertaken by London Economics on behalf of million+. Overall, it is found that “the combined costs of increasing higher education fees is estimated to be almost 6 ½ times as great as the potential Treasury expenditure savings."


16 Jan 2013

What's the value of a UK degree?

New report What's the value of a UK degree?, part of the joint million+ and London Economics Behind the Headlines series, explores the the nature and scale of the benefits of higher education - both monetised and non-monetised - to the individual, society and economy. Overall, the report finds that higher education remains an exceptionally good investment for individuals and taxpayers.

Parliamentary Briefing

12 Nov 2012

Impact of Higher Education Reforms, HoL debate


04 Sep 2012

What are A-Levels for?

Report of million+ roundtable discussion about value and role of A-Levels with academics, politicians, business representatives and educational specialists held at Parliament, hosted by Graham Stuart MP, chair of Education Select Committee.


19 Mar 2012

Graduate Employability: modern universities supporting graduates and meeting the needs of employers

AGCAS (The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) has produced a special issue of its e-digest, ’The Edge’ to illustrate how different institutions which are affiliated to the university think-tank million+ are handling the twin challenges of supporting graduates’ employability and meeting the needs of employers.


09 Feb 2012

Teaching that Matters

Teaching that Matters highlights how a teaching revolution is underway in modern universities with new approaches to teaching increasing employability and improving the social mobility of graduates.

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