25 and Rising: key facts

25 Apr 2017

Modern universities have increased the opportunities for people from all walks of life to experience the transformative effect of higher education, opening the door to university for groups of people for whom those doors were once firmly locked.

As the working world has rapidly changed, and continues to do so, modern universities are at the forefront of supporting business, industry and public services in their communities. They are flexible and adaptable to trends and have developed new degrees and apprenticeships for new professions fit for the 21st century workforce.

Researchers and academics in modern universities have been vital in ensuring that businesses – especially SMEs – across the UK can access expertise in enterprise and innovation to provide solutions to major challenges, and drive economic growth in all parts of the country.

Building on their strengths and expertise in the UK, modern universities have created global communities and partnerships resulting in an internationalised curriculum that prepares students for the urban-global, digital age, who from the outset can act as change makers.

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