NewDLHE: The future of graduate outcomes data

03 Apr 2017

MillionPlus welcomes the inclusion of measures regarding the meaningfulness and importance of degree content, higher level skills and the place of a job within a graduate’s career plan. This will go some way to progress and broaden the judgement of graduate destinations beyond salary.

MillionPlus have previously made the case that success is defined in many ways, and for some students acquiring skills, confidence and new knowledge is as important as gaining a particular level of employment. The inclusion of ‘graduate voice’ measures is a step towards a more holistic look at the graduate workforce and the longer-term benefits of going to university, hence our position that surveying graduates at least 18 months after graduation would acknowledge the evolving nature of graduate employment patterns.

Equally, we welcome the inclusion of measures looking at enterprise and self-employment to further understanding of graduate pathways in an economy with increasingly flexible work patterns and draw attention to the many graduates who, often building on support from their university, start their own businesses or develop professional portfolios. These measures are likely to take better account of employment routes into some sectors such as those associated with the creative and digital industries.

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