Case study

University of Sunderland: tackling capacity issues in the north east

01 Mar 2023

To increase capacity in the north east, Health Education England has employed a strategic lead for enabling effective learning environments across the north east and north Cumbria and is working with Trusts to explore new placement areas.

Current placement areas the University of Sunderland access include acute trusts, maternity care, private healthcare providers such as Spire, the Priory and Nuffield, nursing homes, primary care, ambulance services, police stations and schools, research settings.

In addition, mental health students access Ministry of Justice settings, for example prisons.

Sunderland is an institution deeply committed to supporting veterans into a new career once they have left military service. The university ensures that any service personnel wishing to study for a degree or other qualification are supported to do so. As a result, they work with the Defence Medical Services to establish a recognised bridging programme aimed at those wishing to access a career in healthcare after qualification. In addition, Sunderland enables students to take part in team-building activities, leadership and trauma exercises to raise awareness of medical careers in the Armed Forces.