Think Modern
Think Modern

Modern times call for modern solutions and modern universities thrive at meeting this challenge. With little fanfare, these universities have an enormous impact across the UK, and do much of the hard work in developing the key skills for the future jobs market.

Therefore, if government wants:

  • To boost productivity through strongly work-related education and growing degree apprenticeships
  • to address the gap in the recruitment and retention of teachers for schools
  • to boost the public service workforce to deliver for the NHS and key services – from nurses, social workers, police, environmental officers, town planners etc.
  • to help industry innovate and improve through the application of real-world research
  • to identify and drive technological advancements to meet tomorrow’s challenges
  • to increase the aspiration and opportunities for people from all walks of life by ensuring flexible pathways into higher education, supporting them on their learning journey

…they need to #ThinkModern.

The #ThinkModern campaign explores this through key facts, case studies, interviews and opinion pieces revolving around six themes – Making Britain Work; Pathways, Partnerships and Productivity; Creative and Technological Skills for the 21st Century; Innovation and Research; Aspiration, Opportunity and Inclusion; and Entrepreneurial, Enterprising, Enriching.

Modern universities are some of the UK’s greatest assets in driving growth and social mobility, addressing the challenges we face in society. Across the country, it’s time to embrace what they offer and unlock the potential of their students.