Case study

Developing new professions for new businesses: degree apprenticeships for police officers

30 Mar 2017

Staffordshire University is joining forces with other modern universities on the creation of new degree apprenticeships for police officers.

As part of their pledge to increase apprenticeships by three million by 2020, Government announced a new Degree Apprenticeship Fund, totalling £4.5m, to help higher education providers to develop and deliver new degree apprenticeships.

The funding has been supporting Staffordshire University to work with a consortium of modern University partners including the University of Cumbria, together with the College of Policing, on creating a new degree apprenticeship for police constables, which will be available from early 2018.

Dr John Wheeler, Associate Dean in the School of Law, Policing and Forensics said: “We already run a number of successful policing and forensic science degrees and are experienced in preparing students for successful careers with the police”.

“From 2020 onwards the educational environment for Policing in England and Wales will fundamentally change, with new police officers required to be educated to degree level, either on entry or through work-place learning, such as undertaking a degree level apprenticeship.  This will provide universities, like Staffordshire, great opportunities to influence the changes, and ultimately impact upon the safety and security of our communities.  Our part in the consortium builds upon our close working wth Staffordshire and other police forces.”

Following consultation across the service, The College of Policing have announced a Policing Education Qualification Framework, which includes career entry by a police constable degree apprenticeship, and is designed to develop policing as a profession and raise educational standards.

College CEO Chief Constable Alex Marshall said: “We recognise that the strengths of policing include its accessibility as a career to people of all backgrounds and it being a vocation. We want to preserve these strengths. But we also want to ensure that the increasingly complex activities undertaken by people working in policing are properly recognised. And it’s important to promote consistent and high standards of service for the public.”

The new degree apprenticeships will be supported by the Apprenticeship Levy and enable individuals to obtain a policing degree while working for the police.

Sarah Tudor, Interim Director of Business Engagement Services at Staffordshire University, said: “We are powering the future of higher and degree apprenticeships. As a leading provider, we are delighted to be part of the consortium and committed to developing courses which reflect the changing needs of Police Forces across the UK.”