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Glasgow Caledonian Researchers collaborate with WHO to develop new infection prevention and control guidelines

01 Nov 2017

A Glasgow Caledonian University research team has contributed to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on infection control and prevention to help minimise the spread of infection.

The research findings will provide direction for international guidance which will shape global action to prevent and control healthcare associated infections and contain antimicrobial resistance.

Infections associated with healthcare delivery are a major problem for global health causing serious harm to patients.

One in ten patients, at any one time, has an infection while receiving healthcare and the WHO has introduced new global guidelines in an effort to minimise this spread of infection. Healthcare associated infections affect millions of patients worldwide every year and, in Europe, it is estimated 80,000 patients per day have at least one healthcare associated infection.

In collaboration with WHO, the Safeguarding Health through Infection Prevention (SHIP) Research Group, led by Dr Lesley Price and Professor Jacqui Reilly, undertook a systematic review of the evidence, at a national and sub-national level, of the effectiveness of infection prevention and control interventions.

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