Parliamentary Briefing

Erasmus+ and Student Exchange Post-Brexit

15 Jun 2018

Erasmus+ is an integral part of a wider relationship that the UK has enjoyed with EU partners, across hundreds of higher education institutions. The benefits of such a project to students, universities, and the country more generally, are clear and demonstrable, and it must be a priority in negations to continue such a successful initiative.

Similarly, maintaining access to the EU student market more generally must not be overlooked or under-appreciated. The UK benefits greatly from the relationship established over many years, and the future relationship must be built from an understanding of what benefits the UK based on the available evidence. Brexit may provide great opportunities to build on relationships with nations across the world, but it should not be a zero-sum game of having to give a successful partnership up to craft a new one. Other countries around the world value geographical proximity as a reason for a special relationship, and the UK should do so too.

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