Policy Briefing

Spending Review 2015: Universities and productivity

24 Sep 2015

This policy briefing concentrates on the million+ submission to the Treasury’s Spending Review.

Spending Review: Universities and productivity sets out a series of specific measures to ensure that universities, employers, small businesses and individuals can respond to the government’s productivity agenda. These measures include:

  • a new stream of funding for translational research
  • new mechanisms to ensure that business and employees can more easily access higher education qualifications
  • interventions to address failures in the part-time and mature student markets and address higher education ‘cold’ spots.
  • an enhanced resource for the education and professional development of the health and social care workforce to deliver government targets for 7 day working and the integration of services.

We also point out that the government’s welcome ambitions to increase educational exports require international students and universities to be supported by a stable and impartial visa regime.

This submission outlines areas for efficiency savings but also provides a strong platform for the Treasury, BIS and other departments to work with universities in order to step up to the productivity challenge and deliver the Prime Minister’s goal of extending access to Britain’s world-class university system.



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