million+ response to Education Select Committee inquiry into supply of teachers

19 Nov 2015

This evidence was produced in consultation with the million+ Deans of Education working group, comprised of representatives from modern universities throughout the country. It focuses on the impact on teacher supply of reforms to teacher education since 2011, the factors that contribute to early career teachers leaving the profession and how the challenges of retention might be addressed. There are questions about the new system’s capacity to plan and deliver teacher supply on a national and regional basis. DfE cannot guarantee that any school will continue to engage in School Direct on an annual basis if its circumstances or leadership change.

There is an urgent need for the current direction of travel to be re-thought if teacher shortages are to be addressed and future teacher supply secured. University education departments should be re-integrated into the system and offered more opportunities to deliver initial teacher training and the professional development of teachers in England and not simply treated as an adjunct to the School Direct and Teach First programmes.

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