MillionPlus response to Scottish Government Innovation Strategy - call for evidence

22 Jun 2022

The Scottish Government launched a Call for Evidence seeking views to inform the development of the forthcoming Innovation Strategy. The purpose of this strategy is to develop a ten-year vision to transform Scotland’s innovation ecosystem in order to ensure that Scotland’s businesses, people and institutions are ready to meet the global economic challenges and opportunities the country will face.

It is critical that the Scottish government Innovation Strategy considers the potential for innovation from all parts of society in every region in Scotland. Modern universities should be championed as anchor institutions for innovation across all regions and demographics in Scotland.

Our higher education system is diverse, in terms of place, size of institution, and sectors served. The type of spinouts and startups emerging from the university base will be equally diverse, ranging from microenterprises to high-growth businesses, with a small number of enterprises going on to enter a tech-scaler programme. Our graduates will take on a diverse range of roles in industries in Scotland and internationally. We expect the Scottish government’s Innovation Strategy to recognise and encourage this diversity and the key role of modern universities in supporting innovation.

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