MillionPlus response to DfE admissions reform consultation

14 May 2021

The DfE’s admissions reform consultation puts forward two possible models as alternatives to the current system. One option put forward by the DfE is a post-qualification admissions (PQA) system, where applications and offers are made after results for level 3 qualifications. The other is referred to as post-qualification offers (PQO), where the timetable of applications is similar to the traditional model, but offers are only made by universities after results have been released.

It is likely that PQA is impossible to achieve without moving the start of the university academic year to January.  However, arguably, PQO may be an improvement on the current system, as it maintains much of the same processes and timetables, aside from allowing offers to be made only after results have been published. The DfE’s proposal currently suggests universities and other providers would not receive information about applications until after offers. This would not be acceptable to MillionPlus. In order to enable applicants and institutions to properly consider options, information should be shared with institutions prior to results being published.

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