Parliamentary Briefing

Westminster Hall Debate: Funding Higher Education

26 Feb 2018

The UK cannot maintain a world class higher education sector without the funding and resources to do so. It also cannot remain as open, innovative, diverse and internationally attractive without ensuring that all students, at all UK universities, have the funding that they need. Having a system that is sustainable, fair, flexible and truly accessible is key, regardless of how that is implemented. The hard work of generations of students, academics, staff and supporters have enabled UK higher education to expand and grow into the international success story that it is today.

This is a time to cement this contribution, to build on success - not look to retreat or row back. UK universities are an important part of the fabric of their communities, as well as key centres of research, education and skills development. They are also a fundamental part of the face the UK shows to the world, so at this critical juncture it has never been more vital to support them, demonstrating confidence in them and the students they educate.

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