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Forgotten Learners: Picking up best practice at Bedfordshire - Cassandra's story

27 Mar 2018

Cassandra Pinner, an Adult Nursing graduate at the University of Bedfordshire, shares her experience of education and working in healthcare.

“I took A-levels when I was 18 and then did admin jobs. When I had my two children I worked with nurses at a children’s centre and decided I wanted to become a nurse.

Initially I applied to the university to study children’s nursing but didn’t get in, so I did volunteering then paid work at our local hospital in Bedford.  It was there I decided I wanted to study adult nursing. I applied for the three-year degree at the University of Bedfordshire and this time I got in.

At first it was overwhelming, studying full time with two children. I also have epilepsy. But there was quite a bit of flexibility around the course and the placements, which I managed to fit in around breakfast and after-school clubs. My mentors were fantastic.

There were plenty of other mature students on the course. In fact, we were a mixture of younger and older students, from all sorts of backgrounds, and we all got on really well.

My final placement at a GP surgery prepared me for the role as a Practice Nurse and after graduating I got a job in a nearby medical practice. The course changed my life. I love my job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”