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Ready for take-off - University of Bedfordshire

20 May 2016

Corporate Executive Leadership Learning credits at Level 7 with Charles Wells Ltd and easyJet

The University of Bedfordshire’s Business School works closely with employers to develop bespoke Corporate Executive Leadership Learning courses. Designed to open the door to a Postgraduate Certificate in Management and can lead to an MBA, assignments use real work situations which are directly useful to the employer and the delegate.

Each course is specific to employers, including easyJet and Charles Wells Ltd, the pub chain and brewing company. Each is fully funded and largely delivered by the employer with the university delivering complementary academic underpinning and assignment support, in addition to auditing and designing the course.

The University of Bedfordshire has a core ethic of facilitating practice-based learning. In partnership with easyJet and Charles Wells Ltd, all academic alignments are geared to increasing performance in the workplace. The vibrant content covers a range of topics, including: finance for non-finance managers; learning styles; leadership; problem solving; influencing skills; change management; team working; coaching; and time management. These topics are addressed in a corporate academy environment through active individual and group discussions and presentations.