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In times of austerity, the case for investment in creativity is compelling

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Creative Futures: Ten Steps to Support the Creative Economy

23 November 2015
Research Report: Creative Futures - Ten steps to support the creative economy

This report highlights the success of the creative industries in supporting the wider creative economy and examines the role of higher education and, in particular, modern universities in underpinning this success.

30 October 2015
The possibilities and pitfalls of a Teaching Excellence Framework

The Conservative government took office following the May 2015 general election with a manifesto commitment to introduce a Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) for universities in England. What this meant in practice was not spelt out in any detail but Ministers subsequently linked TEF outcomes with individual institutional ‘permissions’ to increase tuition fees. This policy briefing explores the implications as well as some of the practical problems associated with the introduction of the proposed Teaching Excellence Framework.

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