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Delivering expertise in enterprise and innovation: The fast lane for Motorsport Engineering

21 Mar 2017

Autumn 2017 heralds the launch of the National Centre for Motorsport Engineering at The University of Bolton and a unique partnership with Keating Supercars.

The Centre will allow the students to be both industry immersed and technically superb enabling them to become distinctive and outstanding innovators through exceptional quality teaching and learning informed by research.

Students at the National Centre will not only develop and build a car for Keating Racing and Keating Supercars but they will also participate in a race track experience at events such as British Touring Car Championship, Le Mans Prototype 3, GT and others, leading in the development and preparation of the cars and the driver for competition.

Under a company structure called Keating Kinetics the students will develop the skills to build and test competition and production cars from ‘Concept to Customer’.

Furthermore in line with the Government’s priorities in the Higher Education Bill (2016) encouraging universities to focus on graduate employability, the new centre will operate as a pseudo working environment where students will be treated as an employee of the company, learning outcomes from modules will be classed as job targets and formative and summative feedback will be seen as review, promotion or performance management.

Keating Supercars CEO, Dr Anthony Keating is an alumnus of the University of Bolton, studying both engineering and business with the University.

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