Case study

Degrees at Work Programme - Anglia Ruskin University

04 May 2016

Developed in partnership with the Tamdown, an engineering, construction and support services provider, and sister company TriConnex, a multi-utility company, this degree provides an education framework specifically relevant to their employees. Under Anglia Ruskin University’s Degrees at Work programme, this three-year honours degree is funded by Tamdown and Triconnex and includes work-based training, drawing upon expertise of senior management from both firms.

"This long term investment in the development of our staff is a key part of the TriConnex strategy for continued growth. Being able to tailor the programme to our company needs means we can emphasise aspects of the TriConnex ethos such as client service and reliable operational delivery."
- Richard Harpley, MD of TriConnex

Addressing areas such as team and customer management, business planning and innovation workshops, it is structured to allow employees to study at a time that best suits them while remaining focused on their jobs.

"It has been acknowledged in industry press over the last year that the construction and house-building sector is being affected by a lack of skills, due to the recent economic troubles. This degree will help tackle that issue from within, so the benefit will not only be for the students but for businesses in terms of staff retention and growth."
- Mark Waine, Group HR Director for Tamdown & TriConnex

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