Case study

Placemakers: The University of East London’s Royal Docks Centre for Sustainability

26 May 2022

With investment from, and the support of, the Royal Docks and Newham Borough Council, the University of East London (UEL) is taking its no longer fit-for-purpose Knowledge Dock building located at the heart of its Docklands campus and bringing it back to life as the Royal Docks Centre for Sustainability. The new centre uses the force of the Enterprise Zone to deliver to Newham residents ‘good growth’: improved economic sustainability, measurable improvements in community wellbeing and ‘tech-for-good’ solutions to real life problems.

The devastating impacts of Covid-19 on Newham residents and local businesses, along with the resulting cultural and societal changes, increase the imperative for the university to make a step-change in the direct support it provides the community in its skills provision, health and businesses support. Shaped and delivered by an interconnected network bringing together the power of community groups, local businesses, UEL, the Royal Docks and Newham Borough Council with global industrial partners and national sector leaders, the new centre will become a thriving, inclusive hub.