Parliamentary Briefing

Skills and Post-16 Education Bill

10 Jun 2021

Ahead of Second Reading (15 June), there is much in this Bill that, in theory, has the ability to bring about positive change. Whether it is supporting the FE sector whilst not doing down our world-class higher education institutions, or tackling mature and part-time study, this Bill can address concerns the education sector has had for many years. However, for this to happen the legislation needs to be considered, well thought-through, and not simply rhetoric or nice ideas that will not translate into practicable policy.

Much greater detail is needed on many parts of this Bill before the sector can have the confidence needed to fully support it, however we look forward to working with the Government when this detail does arrive, ideally at Second Reading.

We strongly believe that removing benchmarking undermines much of what the rest of the Bill is pushing for, and this should therefore be re-assessed, and we want to see a Bill that is consistent in its messaging, collaborative in its approach, and with the students of today and tomorrow as its focus.

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