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Scottish modern universities are a national asset, says MillionPlus

21 Mar 2024

Scottish modern universities are a national asset, says the Association for Modern Universities, MillionPlus, as it publishes its updated Scotland Facts and Stats document.

Rachel Hewitt, Chief Executive of MillionPlus, said:

“Scottish moderns are, and always have been, closely in tune with the needs of their communities, be that at local, national or international level. All have a long history of providing the skills, training, R&D and innovation support that industry requires to succeed, and all play a vital role in creating the pipeline of graduate talent that businesses draw from, as they collectively drive economic growth.

“In our rapidly evolving world, the role of modern universities has never been more vital. As the figures in this publication show, these institutions are not just centres of learning; they are engines of innovation, hubs of social change and catalysts for economic growth.

“A recent publication by MillionPlus, showed that Scotland’s modern universities contribute over £1.2bn to their regional economies every year; are responsible for over 9,000 jobs; and account for 48% of all graduate startups in the country. That’s an incredible impact.

“Additionally, these universities are vital to Scotland’s public services, training almost three quarters of new nurses and all new midwives, making them a key national asset with a powerful role to play in shaping the future of Scotland.

“Their commitment to innovation, skills development and industry collaboration drives economic growth, cultivates talent, and makes positive change in society.”


Notes to editors

  1. For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact Dan Blows on 020 3927 2916 or email
  2. Facts and stats: modern universities in Scotland is available here
  3. MillionPlus is the Association for Modern Universities in the UK, and the voice of 21st century higher education. We champion, promote and raise awareness of the essential role and impact of modern universities in the UK’s world-leading higher education sector. More information can be found at
  4. What are modern universities? Modern universities are long established centres of higher education in their communities with roots that stretch back decades, if not centuries. Many gained university title following legislation agreed by parliament in 1992. They make up almost half of the UK university sector with over a million students studying at modern universities every year.