Press release

MillionPlus responds to the EPI’s 'Remaking Tertiary Education' report

14 Nov 2016

MillionPlus, the Association for Modern Universities, has today (14 November) responded to the Education Policy Institute’s report, Remaking tertiary education: can we create a system that is fair and fit for purpose?

Pam Tatlow, Chief Executive of MillionPlus, said:

“This report highlights the increasing challenges for students of all ages and at different levels of funding their education. However it is quite wrong to assess the value of higher education simply in terms of the graduate premium. Many jobs are incorrectly categorised as non-graduate and the report fails to factor in the non-monetary benefits to individuals and society of higher education. The real issue at all levels of tertiary and higher education is the expectation of government that students will take out loans of increasing amounts to fund studies which should be supported by the government directly investing in universities, colleges and other providers.”


Notes to editors

  1. MillionPlus is the Association for Modern Universities. More information can be found at
  2. Modern universities: key facts
  3. The full report will be published on Monday, 14 November. It is available online here
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