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MillionPlus comment on the DfE’s Teachers’ Pension Scheme funding announcement

10 Apr 2019

MillionPlus, the Association for Modern Universities, has today (10 April) commented on the Department for Education’s Teachers’ Pension Scheme funding announcement.

Dr Greg Walker, Chief Executive of MillionPlus, said:

“This is a deeply disappointing decision that does not treat the different parts of the education sector on a level playing field. Two parts of the education sector - schools and colleges - get government-backed financial support, while independent schools get a government-designed pathway to leave the scheme - but universities are left to just take the hit. This unprecedented increase in pension costs for employers is effectively being imposed on modern universities by the effect of government legislation. Transition support for next year would have been the right thing to have agreed.

“Any recommendations from the Augar Review panel must now factor in this government-sanctioned employment cost when considering the future funding levels for post-18 education. Without sustained investment in higher education such cost increases will have a negative effect on the level of service students receive from universities.”


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  • The DfE announcement is available here
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