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MillionPlus comment on potential higher education reforms

05 May 2022

MillionPlus, the Association for Modern Universities, has today (5 May), commented on three consultations closing tomorrow, focusing on a lifelong loan entitlement (LLE), the Future Research Assessment Programme and HE reform.

Rachel Hewitt, Chief Executive of MillionPlus, said:

“The policies under consideration in these consultations have profound and far-reaching implications for the higher education landscape in England.

“The LLE has the potential to be transformative, driving growth in areas that have been in decline, such as mature learners. However the number of questions within the LLE consultation demonstrates the level of complexity still to be resolved in delivering a modular funding successfully. As highlighted in our consultation response, MillionPlus is keen to work with government to make the LLE a success for learners and universities.

“MillionPlus has made repeated calls for the way research is funded to be made more equitable, so the opportunity to feed in about how the system could better reflect the diverse research landscape across the sector and avoid widening sector inequalities has been welcome.

“MillionPlus remains fundamentally opposed to minimum entry requirements, which are against the core principles of inclusion, aspiration and the power of education. Universities are best placed to make a determination as to the suitability of each candidate on their own merits. On a purely practical level, minimum requirements are likely to be unworkable, due to the number of exemptions that would need to be taken into account, for example for students with special educational needs.”


Notes to editors

  1. For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact Dan Blows on 020 3927 2916 or email
  2. The MillionPlus consultation responses are available online here
  3. MillionPlus is the Association for Modern Universities in the UK, and the voice of 21st century higher education. We champion, promote and raise awareness of the essential role and impact of modern universities in the UK’s world-leading higher education sector. More information can be found at
  4. What are modern universities? Modern universities are long established centres of higher education in their communities with roots that stretch back decades, if not centuries. Many gained university title following legislation agreed by parliament in 1992. They make up almost half of the UK university sector with over a million students studying at modern universities every year.
  5. Modern universities: facts and stats 2021