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million+ welcomes the appointment of Greg Clark MP as Universities and Science Minister

15 Jul 2014

The university think-tank million+ has welcomed the appointment of Greg Clark as Universities and Science Minister. Dr Clark replaces David Willetts who was both a Conservative spokesperson in opposition and the Universities Minister since 2010.

Pam Tatlow Chief Executive of the university think-tank million+ said:

“We warmly welcome the appointment of Greg Clark as Universities and Science Minister. His retention of the cities brief and attendance at Cabinet will help ensure that the role of universities in boosting regional growth remains centre stage.”

“Few people believe that the government’s current plan to fund higher education expansion on the back of the sale of £2bn of student loans really adds up. Negotiating a funding settlement for teaching and research which is sustainable and encourages participation is one of the early challenges which he will face but is not the only urgent item in his in-tray.”

“Dr Clark will need to pick up the cudgels on behalf of international students. Both they and the universities which they attend, are being short-changed by the Home Office and this is one battle that he needs to win.”

“Universities will also want assurances that the days are over when they were regarded as part of the problem rather than the solution to delivering a high quality professional workforce in teacher, social work and healthcare education. Hopefully Dr Clark will be able to forge new and more productive relationships between BIS and the departments of Education and Health to take this agenda forward.”


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