Press release

million+ condemns university privatisation plans

23 Oct 2014

A report from the free-market think-tank the Institute of Economic Affairs published on 23rd October has been criticised by the university think-tank million+, which says the IEA’s proposals to remove state funding from student loans would disadvantage the majority of students and lead to the privatisation of universities. The think-tank has also described IEA’s description of their report and its proposals as a graduate tax as ‘absurd’.

Pam Tatlow Chief Executive, million+ said:

“Instead of addressing the principle challenge of supporting a wide range of students into a well-funded, sustainable, higher education sector, this report argues for students to be commercialised and securitised. The proposals would effectively mean privatising universities and prioritising those students who will generate the highest economic return. To describe them as a graduate tax is absurd.

“Higher education provides a range of benefits for society and the economy beyond the earnings of individuals. It is right that taxpayers have a significant stake in what universities do and that the state should be the lender for students.”


Notes to editors
1. For further information or to arrange an interview, contact Rochelle Owusu- Antwi, Press and Communications Officer, million+ on 020 7717 1658 / 07527 336 795 or email
2. million+ is a leading university think-tank. More information can be found at
3. The full IEA report can be found on their website here from 00:01 Thursday 23rd October
4. million+ and the international consultancy firm London Economics have published a number of reports on the HE funding system in England including modelling a graduate tax and a reduction in fees.