Press release

million+ comments on the Nurse Review

19 Nov 2015

The university think-tank million+ has welcomed the publication of Ensuring a successful UK research endeavour, the report from the Nurse Review of UK Research Councils.

Pam Tatlow, Chief Executive of million+ said:

“The Nurse Review endorses the importance of dual support and applied research which we strongly support and includes interesting proposals which must be the subject of full consultation.

"Any future system must support emerging areas of excellence and be accessible by small and medium sized business in the regions as well as larger companies.

"The jury is out as to whether Research UK, the proposed new umbrella organisation, should be responsible for QR funding but in any case this proposal raises important questions about the principle and merits of having a UK-wide research infrastructure and will need to be considered by the devolved administrations and universities throughout the UK.

"The real key to the future is funding. This part of the jigsaw will only be on the table when the Spending Review is announced. We have consistently argued that science and research need more investment and in particular that applied research should be much better funded. Whatever the architecture, it is the investment in the house that will count in the long run.”


Notes to Editors

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