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University of East London awards civic engagement and innovation projects over £100k

02 Mar 2017

The University of East London (UEL) has selected 15 innovative projects to receive nearly £100,000 in funding from its Civic Engagement Fund and London Scholars programme.

Over the next six months, University students will use dance to tackle obesity among young people, document the history of the Olympic Park site in Stratford, mentor at-risk young people on wilderness treks and much more. The projects will provide students with opportunities to apply their learning in real-world settings, develop networks and skills and work in collaboration with University staff, other students and external partners.

The Civic Engagement Fund supports hands-on project which engage with or positively impact local communities. Proposals are eligible for up to £5,000 in funding. London Scholars projects are overseen by UEL’s Noon Centre for Equality and Diversity in Business and may be awarded up to £10,000. These projects offer opportunities for students to develop their research skills while examining and addressing some of London’s most pressing problems.

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