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Tate Exchange programme announces University as an Associate

31 Jan 2017

Canterbury Christ Church University is thrilled to be announced as an Associate of the Tate Exchange Associates Programme, along with total of 52 organisations from the arts, education, health and the charitable sectors which are involved in the programme and have been named as Associates, joining together and inviting the public to discuss and explore current issues, such as homelessness, migration, mental health and identity, by testing ideas and perspectives through art.

The University is collaborating with live artist Kelly Green, the Live Arts Development Agency (LADA), London, the University of Kent, Astor College, Valley Kids, Wales, People United, Kent and the Whitstable Biennale to bring ‘Fairground’ to Tate Exchange at Tate Modern in April.

Fairgrounds were medieval sites of exchange that enabled traders to buy and sell their goods but that also drew together diverse populations in carnival, excess and play. The University will update the component parts of these traditional fairgrounds in a playful and subversive fashion, and transform them to give a thoroughly contemporary twist on this medieval space of exchange.

As part of this Fairground, the University is curating Waste Not, Want Not, a live art intervention playfully representing a fairground of art, politics and ideas exploring communities, class and marginalisation. Waste Not, Want Not is taking place at both the Sidney Cooper Gallery, between 31 January and 11 February, and the Tate Modern between 10 and 15 April 2017.

Kelly Green will collaborate with young people from Astor College and Valley Kids in experimentally deconstructing common ideas of class, the deserving and undeserving poor, and challenging society’s ideologies of ‘waste’.

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