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Sunderland VC Sir David Bell writes for the Times Higher Education

29 Jul 2019

University of Sunderland Vice-Chancellor Sir David Bell writes for the Times Higher Education on the need to celebrate students from poorer regions who enter their local workforce after graduation.

He writes: 

"Two weeks ago, for instance, the University of Sunderland saw through its first cohort of nursing graduates. They all live locally and vary in age. Many have family, work and life commitments that mean they can’t just get up and leave, even if they wanted to. But every one of them has improved their life chances significantly by acquiring a highly valued professional qualification – all of them have secured nursing jobs in the city.

"Or what about teachers? A full 97 per cent of Sunderland's initial teacher education graduates stay in the north east. It would be a disaster for the region if they didn’t, so we need to welcome and endorse their commitment."

Read the article in full here.