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Staffordshire student writes about celebrating 25 years of modern universities

24 May 2017

Zach Lowe, a "typical Yorkshire lad" and die-hard fan of Manchester United (and roller coasters), attended the 25 and Rising parliamentary celebration on 25 April, representing Staffordshire University where he studies Mechanical Engineering.

"It was with great honour that I accepted an invitation to visit the Houses of Parliament on behalf of the university to celebrate 25 years of the modern university with MillionPlus," he writes.

"Overall, the event was a brilliant success...You could really tell that everyone in attendance, regardless of who they worked for or came from, had the best intentions and the success of the students they serve at heart and mind. I learned a lot about how important modern universities are, how they have had such a positive impact on young people (allowing people who may not have gone to university in the past to do so, being one of the benefits) and that although they have grown so much in 25 years there is still so a long way to go with so much more to achieve!"

Read Zach's blog in full here.