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Research Professional: Credit where it is due, writes Edinburgh Napier Principal, Professor Andrea Nolan

11 Aug 2022

Professor Andrea Nolan, Principal and Vice-Chancellor at Edinburgh Napier University celebrates the often unsung research achievements of Scotland‘s six MillionPlus-affiliated modern universities.

"Research at our modern universities thrives across all disciplines. The diversity of our focus makes this a rich resource, delivering economic, social and cultural impact for the communities we serve..... 

Scotland’s modern institutions are an instrumental part of the research landscape—just look at the Research Excellence Framework. This year’s REF2021 results demonstrate the collective research power of the six MillionPlus modern universities in Scotland with significant growth in REF outcomes: a 13 per cent increase in overall excellent and world-leading research and 14 per cent increase in research impact alongside a large growth in research capacity.

This has been accompanied by positive outcomes in government funding, with the MillionPlus institutions increasing their Research Excellence Grants by more than £3m—among the most significant increases in funding seen across Scottish institutions."

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