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Politics Home feature blog by million+ chief executive on new regional growth report

28 Mar 2014

The publication of the new million+ report Smarter Regions Smarter Britain: Boosting regional growth through universities is the start of a campaign to ensure that the benefits of the economic recovery are more equally shared to create a smarter and fairer Britain. Pam Tatlow, Chief Executive, million+ discusses the manifesto for the regions as a guest blogger on Politics Home.

In the report million+ set out a manifesto to tackle the sharp variations in regional growth by boosting the role of all universities. While the national economy and London have turned the corner in terms of the recovery, the same cannot be said for the regions. Although regional statistics lag behind national data, the deep-rooted imbalances in regional growth should worry all political parties. The problem is unlikely to be addressed by either a focus on local initiatives or on ‘core’ cities outside of London, important though these conurbations are to their local economies.

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