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PlayStation lab opens at Abertay University

21 Feb 2014

Europe’s largest teaching laboratory of Sony PlayStation consoles has opened at Abertay University in Dundee.

Abertay’s PlayStation lab has permanently installed 30 new PlayStation Vita development kits, to which Abertay’s games students have open access alongside their existing PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 development kits.

The facility is part of Abertay University’s partnership with PlayStation First, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) Academic Development Programme.

Dr Maria Stukoff, Head of Academic Development at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, said: “The next generation of PlayStation-savvy developers are now in education and Abertay University is at the forefront of bringing young and talented developers to our platform. It is these students who will influence the future of video games and we are delighted to work with Abertay University to make this a PlayStation training hub.”

All of the development kits are identical to those used by professional game studios to create games for PlayStation Vita, Sony’s pioneering handheld console.

Read more about the official opening here.