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Local MP support for million+ manifesto for the regions reported in Grimsby Telegraph

03 Apr 2014

Smarter Regions Smarter Britain concludes that there are clear links between participation in higher education and regional growth and urges the government to boost the number of places at university and higher education in those places yet to feel the benefits of the recovery.

According to official statistics, 68 per cent of graduates working across Yorkshire and the Humber studied in the region and estimates show that the economic impact of these graduates is worth more than £2 billion per year to the regional economy.

Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell has given his backing to the proposals. The Labour MP said:

"There are a lot of ways in which the Government could help those regions which are under-performing, particularly in the more disadvantaged areas."

Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers said the benefits of the recent economic recovery are still filtering down to the regions. The Conservative MP said he is supportive of the proposal to boost growth in North East Lincolnshire by focusing on and investing in higher education.

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