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Dr Greg Walker writes for Hepi on a potential minimum grade tariff for HE study

28 Mar 2019

Dr Greg Walker, Chief Executive of MillionPlus, has written for the Higher Education Policy Institute on a potential minimum grade tariff for HE study, in response to an earlier piece by Iain Mansfield.

He argues against the propsal based on the negative impact on social mobility, the Robbins principle that a student who can benefit from a course of study should be able to do so, the burdensome administrative issues and for government spending reasons.

He writes: "My plea in this blog is simply that we should not set aside the sound basis of admitting prospective students on their capacity to benefit from the degree and not based on a grade threshold policy plucked from the air. If we are serious about fair life chances for all, we should stick to our long-held principles."

Read the article in full here.