Guest blog: Many reasons to celebrate

24 May 2017

We’re proud to support the 25th anniversary of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 which heralded the rise of ‘modern universities.’ Here in Cumbria we’re looking forward to celebrating an event of our own too.

In August it will be ten years since we became a university; proud to serve a proud county.

Helping bridge the skills gap to enable businesses to stay ahead is in the DNA of the University of Cumbria. Our sense of ‘place’ is our reason for being; a university in Cumbria for Cumbria.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of offering Higher Level and Degree Apprenticeships which will blend with industry-based degrees over the coming years.

Developing new professions with the new businesses that are predicted to come to Cumbria is very much what we want to do. As a modern university, we’re agile and able to adapt to suit employers needs to ensure our students are immediately employable – suitably qualified experienced professionals.

But it’s not just new and emerging sectors that we want to support. 

We’re finalising plans to offer policing degree apprenticeships, a course which is gaining interest since the College of Policing announced that all new police officers in England and Wales will be educated to degree level by 2020.

The University of Cumbria has its own thriving criminology department which itself evolved from a partnership with Cumbria Police ten years ago. It’s not just goodwill; £441,000 from the HEFCE Degree Apprenticeship Development Fund has been invested in the development of the policing apprenticeship.

And with significant projects of national importance coming to Cumbria within the next decade, ensuring those developments are on time and within budget during still uncertain economic times will be key.

Our project management courses are recognised and praised by the industry’s professional body.

Our aim is to provide the right candidates for the right jobs at the right time to help maintain the upward trajectory of the county – and region’s – economy.

And ensure we fill the Cumbrian skills gap.

Sandra Booth 
Pro Vice Chancellor Enterprise, Business Development and Engagement
University of Cumbria

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