Westminster Higher Education Forum: Next steps for the Research Excellence Framework

31 Oct 2016

Alan Palmer, Head of Policy and Research at MillionPlus, will speak at a Westminster Higher Education Forum on the next steps for the Research Excellence Framework in central London on 31 October 2016.

Delegates at this seminar will discuss the future of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) - focusing on how the next REF will be structured and on the funding allocation. It has follows the Government-commissioned review of the REF undertaken by Lord Stern, which reported in July.

Planned sessions examine key elements of the review, including how to promote and support excellence, reduce administrative burden, increase the use of metrics, and improve the process of peer review.

The agenda will also look at proposals for regular 'mini REFs' or a system of ongoing impact assessment using metrics in order to support quality on an ongoing basis and identify areas of emerging excellence.

Further expected discussion will assess the impact of the funding allocation from the REF - in particular concerns about research concentration, as well as open access which will be included in the next REF.

More information is available here.