Westminster Higher Education Forum: Competition and regulation in England's HE market

09 Feb 2017

Alan Palmer, Head of Policy and Research at MillionPlus, will speak at a Westminster Higher Education Forum, Competition and regulation in England's higher education market - quality assurance, new providers and the impact of TEF in central London on 9 February 2017.

With a number of measures contained within the Higher Education and Research Bill being designed to further open England’s HE market up to new providers this conference will bring together key policymakers and stakeholders from across the HE sector to discuss the future shape of the market.

Delegates will discuss the likely impact of specific measures contained within the Bill such as liberalising access to the ‘university’ title and degree awarding powers as well as the requirement for all providers to submit a ‘student protection plan’ in preparation for a possible market exit.

Sessions will also examine trends in the market such as the growth of FE in HE and satellite campuses converting to independent full university status and also potential changes following the Bill such as a greater number of foreign-based providers entering the market - particularly if the UK were to leave the European single market - or groupings of FE colleges collaborating to assume their own awarding powers. Further topics for discussion will include whether the Teaching Excellence Framework will drive competition and the impact that removing the student number cap has had on the market.

More information is available here.