Pathways, partnerships and productivity
Pathways, partnerships and productivity

Think Modern: Innovation, ingenuity and inclusion from Britain’s modern universities

01 May 2019

The UK can meet the challenges it faces by harnessing the contribution of the UK’s modern universities. The role of these universities is distinctive and growing, giving us the opportunity to promote these gains for the UK through our #ThinkModern campaign. We are excited by the opportunity to demonstrate the achievements of colleagues, students, graduates and our partners at modern universities across the length and breadth of Britain. The credit for these achievements and future potential goes to these groups – they are the ones playing a critical role in impacting so positively on our communities and our country. #ThinkModern is an opportunity to look forward and to look at how we can seize these opportunities to flourish as a society and prosper as an economy. Despite the uncertainties facing our country, we have tools at our disposal to ensure that challenges are met.

This brochure explores through case studies and guest articles from key experts from within modern universities how, with little fanfare, these universities have an enormous impact across the UK.

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