million+ Annual Report 2012/2013

17 Jul 2013

In 2012-13 million+ has been at the forefront of analysing the impact of the Coalition Government’s higher education reforms in England. We were first to warn that, when combined with the continuing difficult economic climate, these reforms were having differential effects on students linked to age and mode of study. We predicted that a recovery in student demand was likely to be slow and set out the case for Government to lead a campaign to promote the value of Higher Education.

We have produced and launched a number of evidence based Research Reports on key issues including the value of a UK degree, a review of the 2012 HE reforms and whether they are cost-effective and investigated alternative funding scenarios to assess whether they are a viable option if adopted. 

We have held member meetings, working group meetings, parliamentary receptions and roundtables attended by Ministers, MPs, university staff and students plus sector representatives. Following the circulation of our parliamentary roundtable report 'Who should train the teachers?', the Education Select Committee has agreed to run a short evidence session to follow-up on their previous report 'Great teachers: attracting, training and retaining the best' which supported the role of universities in teacher education.

The Government’s decision to count international students in the migration figures (notwithstanding the fact that international students are excluded from the migration statistics in the US, Australia and Canada - all key competitors in the global HE market) and the extension of credibility interviews are likely to pose further challenges ahead.

There has never been a more important time to ensure that the policies and strategies of governments and decision-makers enhance the contribution that the UK’s universities can make to social mobility, innovation, enterprise and growth. million+ will continue to promote policy, analysis and solutions that maximise the potential benefits of UK universities and their graduates to society and the economy.

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