Case study

LSBU flagship Digital Architecture Robotics Laboratory (DARLab) partners with robot control specialists HAL Robotics

26 Oct 2015

DARLab is an advanced digital manufacturing robotic lab, designed for high-quality research, as well as developing commercial applications for architecture. It advances experimentation and cross-discipline collaboration among students, industry partners and academic staff to expand the boundaries of architectural practice. The technological and educational partnership with Hal Roboticswill allow focus on applications of robotics in creative and construction industries.

London South Bank University's DARLab partnership with HAL Robotics was premiered at Digital Construction Week, an exhibition showcasing the work of leading suppliers to the Architecture Engineering and Construction industry. Visitors to the fair were treated to live demonstrations of the technology and the expertise offered by DARLab and its partners, with live robotics, laser cutting and pick and place technologies on show.

With work done in the lab directly impacting the future of construction, a partnership with DARLab can help industry researchers searching for sector-changing precedents. With access to DARLab's technology, LSBU's partners are enabled and supported to develop prototype ideas into commercially viable products. The partnership also gives LSBU access to industri­al-quality software, support for workshops and on-site training for students, staff and researchers.