30 September 2014

University think tank calls on the Conservatives to answer questions about higher education funding

26 September 2014

million+ responds to government announcement by Schools Minister proposing to increase bursaries for trainee teachers

million+ responds to the government announcement made my Schools Minister David Laws regarding increasing bursaries avaliable to trainee teachers.

23 September 2014

million+ comments on the UCAS report on assessing acceptances

million+ responds to UCAS' publication 'Interim assessment of UCAS acceptances by intended entry year, country of institution and qualifications held'. million+ notes that universities now recognise the value of vocational qualifications.

22 September 2014

University leader sets out key ‘asks’ at Labour Party Conference 2014

In a speech delivered at a million+ and NUS co-hosted fringe at Labour Party Conference 2014, Professor Michael Gunn, Vice-Chancellor of Staffordshire University and chair of the university think-tank million+, will call for an assurance that Labour will restore direct funding to universities if the Party promises to lower fees. In his speech Professor Gunn reaffirms the long-term benefits of investing in higher education far outweigh the short-term costs and points out that taxpayers get on average an 11 per cent return for every £1 the government spends on the sector.

18 September 2014

million+ comments on HEPI’s ‘Guide to Student Number Controls’

million+ comments on the HEPI publication ‘Guide to Student Number Controls’, noting that there is still uncertainty around deregulation in 2015 and an unbalanced HE market.

11 September 2014

“The Innovation Challenge: A new approach to research funding” – latest report from million+

In their latest report the university think-tank million+ says that the government must increase taxpayer investment in research and development to match that of the UK’s competitors. However, the think-tank warns that access to research funding risks becoming a ‘closed shop’ as a result of government policies directing increasing resources to fewer universities. The report calls for the next government to fund research capacity in all universities and create a new stream of funding for translational research in order to support innovation, address imbalances in regional growth and ensure that students have access to research-informed teaching and facilities wherever they study.

9 September 2014

million+ responds to HEFCE reports on postgraduate education with a call to fund 50,000 more places

million+ responds to HEFCE reports on postgraduate education in the UK with a call to fund 50,000 more places

28 August 2014

million+ welcomes comments on Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission report

million+ comments on the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission analysed in detail the backgrounds of more than 4,000 people running Britain. The findings show a nation where the small elites educated at independent schools and Oxbridge are dramatically overrepresented across public life.

28 August 2014

million+ welcomes contribution to higher education policy debate

million+ responds to the Labour Party’s publication “Robbins Rebooted: How We Earn Our Way in the Second Machine Age,” million+ noting that the majority of today’s students already have a vocational qualification when they start university.

13 August 2014

million+ comments ahead of A-Level Results day

million+ comments ahead of A-level results day and encourages people to keep their options open due to Government changes making results less predictable than previously.

13 August 2014

million+ comments on Independent Commission on Fees report and The Sutton Trust poll

million+ responds to the report published by the Independent Commission on Fees and findings of the public opinion poll conducted by The Sutton Trust. The report and poll focus on access to higher education in England. The university think tank call for the access gap to be narrowed to develop those who wish to study at university.

7 August 2014

million+ comments on new HEPI report which analyses the impact of removing student number controls in Australia

million+ questions the sustainablity of deregulation in the UK.

29 July 2014

million+ responds to the new immigration measures announced today in a joint statement from the Prime Minister and Home Office

In a joint statement from No 10 the Prime Minister and Home Secretary have announced that with effect from November the institutional visa refusal rate to CAS will be cut to 10% from the current 20% rate. million+ questions the evidence for this decision and the impact on UK HE overseas.

29 July 2014

million+ comment on reports that Ministers are planning a Student loans overhaul

million+ concerned following reports that Ministers proposed plans to overhaul England's student loan system could lead to a two tier university system and is a recipe for inequality.

24 July 2014

million+ comments on OFFA Access Agreements for 2015-16

The university think-tank, million+, has welcomed the report from the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) published today (24 July), showing that universities and colleges are continuing to increase their investment in work to raise aspirations and attainment for entrants to universities in England in the academic year 2015-16.

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