6 November 2012

Response to Apprenticeships report

million+ response to the Apprenticeships report by the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee

Professor Patrick McGhee, Chair of the university think tank million+, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of East London said:

“Too many apprenticeships on offer are leaving people short-changed, which is a huge waste of their talents and potential.

“Apprenticeships should be an integral part of the qualifications framework and a pathway to getting a good job, but also to university. The Government needs to ensure that they are not dumbed down as part of the numbers game.

“In the light of this report young people should look very carefully at their options and consider not only the apprenticeships on offer but also the many high quality university courses that have a professional and technical focus and include work-based experience.”


Notes to Editors
1. million+ is a leading university think-tank, working to solve the complex problems in higher education www.millionplus.ac.uk. For more information please contact Jean Candler, Head of Public Affairs on 020 7717 1659 or 07900 277 819.
2. Apprenticeships is published by Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee on 6 November and can be found here