19 June 2012

million+ welcomes Ofqual A-Level review, cautions against potential pitfalls

Following the release of the Ofqual consultation on the reform of A-Levels today, the university think-tank million+ has welcomed Ofqual’s recognition that A-Levels need to prepare students for further study at university, as well as aid progress to the workplace. However, achieving Ofqual’s laudable aim of equality of student access will require careful co-ordination to engage all universities in developing A-Levels.

Pam Tatlow, million+ Chief Executive said: “We welcome an opportunity for universities to be involved in developing A levels. But A-levels are not core business for HE. A co-ordinating body would be necessary to achieve the level of involvement with all exam boards that is envisaged by Ofqual. A-Levels would lose all credibility for students, employers and higher education if their approval depended on a small sub-set of universities.”

Please note that Pam Tatlow is unavailable for additional comment on this issue today. However, for further information please contact Drew Lindon, Head of Public Affairs on 020 7717 1655 or 07900 277819.


Notes to editors:

  1. million+ is a leading university think-tank, working to solve the complex problems in higher education www.millionplus.ac.uk. For more information please contact Drew Lindon on 020 7717 1655 or 07900 277819.