4 December 2013

'The right degree is always worth it' - David Ellis discusses the value of university education

David Ellis' article in The Telegraph illustrates brilliantly why university education is so valuable for both the individual and for the economy. He references a 2013 report by million+ 'What's the value of a UK degree?' and emphasises that students are wise enough to make their own educational choices, which as a society we should therefore be encouraging rather than questioning.

Using our research, he draws on evidence to highlight the financial benefits that a degree can offer as well as the opportunity that university provides for an individual to develop personally, culturally and socially.

He explains why it is important that students should be treated by the government and the press as a valuable national asset rather than focusing on the financial burden and doubting the value of certain degrees.

We couldn’t agree more: ‘education, learning and knowledge should be celebrated rather than condemned.'

Read the full article here.