6 November 2012

Research funding needs to be diversified

Pam Tatlow, Chief Executive of million+ is quoted in the Guardian as part of a debate on whether size matters for research. She says: "It is really serious that the Government is failing to track what's actually happening on doctoral training. It is not just a handful of universities who will produce the researchers of the future."

million+ has long argued research funding needs to be diversified to fund high quality research wherever it is found. Failing to do this will miss talent and innovation. In 2011 million+ published 'Research that matters', an evaluation of research funding in the UK, which includes examples of the research being carried out within modern universities. It found no clear relationship between the size of an academic research team and the excellence of the outputs produced. Read the report here.  

Read the Guardian's full report "The great research debate: does size matter?" Guardian Education, 6 November 2012.

Read our response and blog to the Russell Group report about research entitled 'The Jewels in the Crown' (24 October 2012), which million+ described as "entirely outdated".